Who is Value Chain Collaboration Associates?  VCCA consists of a team of retail centric, senior level practitioners, who have lead the retail industry in best practice development and adoptions over the past 30 years.  This team of practitioner/coaches has come from leading retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Office Depot.  In addition, this team has been providing expert based advisory and coaching services for over the past 10 years

Our mission is to provide industry leading tactical to strategic advisory services leveraging the skills of industry leading Subject Matter Experts. Our focus is to develop a customized and tailored migration path to competitive repositioning aligning the business processes, people, organization and technology for rapid sound realization of results.

Helping Retailers & Manufacturers Achieve

Real Benefits and Sustainable Value

Robert Bruce and Ron Ireland established Value Chain Collaboration Associates (VCCA) to provide tailored advisory services focused on defining a unique customer/consumer value proposition throughout the extended retail enterprise.
Each have over 30 years of “Real World” industry knowledge, experience and leadership in Mass Retail, Grocery, Consumer Product Goods, and Apparel market segments. They have led the industry with practitioner knowledge and thought leadership in best in class and emerging best practices focused on building integrated, collaborative consumer driven relationships between trading partners throughout the extended enterprise from store shelf to factory floor.

Robert helped lead the vision, design, and implementation of a significant portion of Wal-Mart’s integrated inventory management and supply chain solutions. A vision that Robert had was to create a customer driven, collaborative and integrated “value chain” over the extended retail enterprise. This linking of consumer demand and supply eventually led Robert to design the concept called CFAR, Collaborative Forecasting and Replenishment, in 1995/1996 with Ron. After a successful pilot he led the VICS sponsorship of an industry standards committee to define an industry collaborative approach called CPFR, Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment. Robert and Ron continue to drive the cross-industry VICS/CPFR subcommittee on CPFR while defining other collaborative applications from collaborative merchandise planning to collaborative transportation management. CPFR was only the middle step in a multi-step process of joint business collaboration “co-managing” all aspects of the enterprise with a consumer focus. Both continue to define the next level of cross enterprise demand management and supply chain collaboration.

VCCA was created to assemble a group of highly qualified and trusted executives offering clients access to industry leading Subject Matter Experts. Through key business relationships VCC Associates provides years of industry experience, visionary leadership and knowledge. This senior team has defined and driven initiatives that not only have become today’s best practices but also provide insight to tomorrow’s emerging best in class approaches. The VCCA team is your extended resource helping you to achieve competitive advantage and true sustaining value.